NuruX hierontageelitiivistejauhe on testattu ja hyväksytty seuraavien standardien sekä direktiivien mukaisesti:

US FDA 21 CFR 700.13 Mercury content/
ASTM F963-08 section 4.3.4 Mercury content/
Illonois Mercury-added Product Act (Jan 2009 amd) - Mercury content

With reference fo Consent Judgement No. RG-07-324184,
settled by Superior Court of the State of California for the
County of Alabama, for cosmetics based on the California
Proposition 65 requirements.

The European Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC Microbiological
Quantitative and Qualitative Limits for Category B Cosmetic

United States Pharmacopoeia XXIV (2011), Chapter 61 & 62,
microbiological examination of non-sterile products: microbial
enumeration tests and tests for specified microorganisms and
CTFA Microbiology Guidlines (2008) microbiological limits for
Category B cosmetic & toiletries products.

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